If you decide to have a budget vacation in the Maldives, then you should definitely go to the island of Thoddy. Here you can appreciate the “paradise” vacation.

Why do tourists go on vacation to the Maldives? It is right to relax on beaches with perfectly white sand and relax in the very warm water of the Indian Ocean. That is why most tourists wonder about the beaches of Thoddoo Island. Are they so good that the vacation on the island is not overshadowed. Let’s get it right.

How many beaches on the island

Until recently, the island had only one tourist beach – the so-called “bikini beach.” You must understand that the Maldives is a Muslim state and it is not customary to expose all the beauty of your body. That is why there are separate beaches for tourists. Also, these beaches are the safest and constantly cleaned.

If you live in a hotel on the island of Thoddoo under the name Relax Residence, then leaving its territory, then this beach will be on your right. If you walk directly along the streets of the island, passing a football stadium (yes, yes, there is a real football stadium with spotlights), then you will get to this beach in a winding path. His brief summary would be:

  • the bottom is rocky, so the entrance to the water is somewhat unpleasant;
  • there is no underwater terrain. Either everything was trampled or it wasn’t there, since this beach is a small backwater from the land part of the island hiding under water;
  • in the water there is a swing with a large inscription I love Thoddoo, which you can so often see in the photo of tourists after trips to this island;
  • the beach is cleaned regularly, so there are no questions about sand and general cleanliness;
  • trees have tied hammocks, but there are very few of them.

This is the first beach you can visit on this island. But if you like to swim and came to Thoddoo to get acquainted with its underwater world, then you should go to the second tourist beach of the island. Leaving the door of Relax Residence you need to go left. This path will be through the agricultural holdings of the local inhabitants of the island. Here you have a short tour of the local population. By the way, the exit to this beach is very beautifully designed – you go to the coastline through the passage cut into the bushes. And also in front of the entrance you can find a unique tree that is simply created for stunning photo shoots.

But after going this way you will not get to the beach itself. Exit to the fishing boat parking lot. And having already set off clockwise along the shore, you will quickly reach the beach itself. Among the advantages of this beach it is worth noting:

  • sand bottom. You can simply go to the water near the shore and relax;
  • a large number of sun loungers and hammocks for tourists;
  • the most diverse fauna of the house reef. If you do not want to spend money on excursions to manta rays or night fishing, then the living reef and vegetation of your house reef will be enough for the entire duration of your stay on the island. Even on a home reef you can meet sea turtles.

Two ideal beaches on the island are enough to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the Maldives. Come to Thoddoo and enjoy the whole flavor of this island.