Diving on Thoddoo

There is diving on Thoddoo, that’s a fact! How good he is can only be judged by subjective feelings from his experience of past dives. Most importantly, there are several certified deep diving centers on the island itself. This means that you will trust your life (and if you are doing it for the first time, then for sure) to professionals. who have serviceable equipment and are able to teach you how to dive.

Specialized diving centers on Thoddoo

  1. MALDIVICA DIVERS – link to the place and reviews.

2. Thoddoo Diving Center (PDH Maldives) / Russian Dive Center on Thoddoo – link to the place and reviews.

In general, there are no special differences between these places, but you will choose Thoddoo Diving Center (PDH Maldives), because. there are Russian-speaking instructors.

Prices for diving are indicated on the spot and you can agree on the time and choose an excursion. It is worth noting that the best diving in Thoddoo is diving with manta rays. Most tourists come here for these sensations. If you have any additional questions about diving on the island, then ask us and we will definitely tell you how to organize this type of holiday.

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