If you decide to plan your trip to the Maldives, and in particular to the island of Thoddoo, where you can arrange a paradise for a budget tourist, then you will probably be concerned about food. There is no point in taking all inclusive on such islands, since the cuisine of any of the guest houses in Thoddoo will not surprise you. Therefore, most tourists take breakfast / dinner, which will be more than enough for you. You can always buy something at the beach or midnight meal in a store or restaurant.

It is worth noting that the Relax Residence offers a fairly good selection of dishes for both breakfast and dinner. For example, a standard breakfast at this hotel is as follows:

  • 0.5 bottled water;
  • fried eggs from one egg;
  • tuna salad;
  • delicious homemade cakes (which are very convenient to feed fish on a home reef);
  • freshly squeezed mango juice;
  • 2 sausages;
  • coffee with sugar and cream.

Of course, if you are used to all inclusive in Turkey, then here you will find the food very scarce. But they definitely don’t come here to eat. People come here overseas!

Dinner, of course, is more varied and is held in the format of a buffet. It is worth noting that for a week stay at Relax Residence, dinner dishes can be repeated 1 time. This is normal. For guests in the guest house kitchen prepare:

  • baked potatoes;
  • сhicken wings;
  • the most delicious fried sea fish (this is the most delicious thing you can eat in the Maldives);
  • pasta;
  • string beans;
  • sliced ​​meat in the form of goulash;
  • rice with vegetables;
  • instant noodles (this is probably exclusively for the Chinese, they can eat it all day);
  • various steamed vegetables;
  • bottled water;
  • freshly squeezed juices.

In general, you will never be hungry. It is most important.

What can I buy in stores?

There are only 2 supermarkets with groceries on Thoddoo. 1 large and the second is 2 times smaller. Here you can find all the most familiar for any person: water, snacks, fruits, ice cream and so on. You can always find even some ordinary household items in these stores.

At the prices. A 0.5 liter bottle of water will cost you 14 rufias – approximately 1 US dollar. Delicious ice cream can be bought for 30 rufii. Fruits have a ridiculous price, except pineapples. Here they are expensive, but very tasty. A pack of simple chips costs about 20 rufias. Pringles can be bought for 35-45 rufiyah. These are normal prices for the island, where you still buy at this place, since you have nowhere to go.

Food in restaurants

On the island, in many guest houses, the kitchen works as a separate restaurant. Those. You can feel like a resident of one or another guest house for a couple of hours. A standard set of BBQ, french fries and a glass of juice will cost about 50 rufios. Lunch for one person for $ 3 is a fairy tale.
Because of the heat, if you come in season, you won’t be hungry. And everyone can afford to buy water here. So go to Thoddoo for a budget vacation in a fairy tale. There really are paradise beaches.