Fruits on Thoddoo: what exotic you can eat

The Maldives is a state with round-the-clock summer. This means that agriculture is clearly developed on the territory of the islands of the country, with an emphasis on growing fruits. We will try to tell you what interesting plantations are on the island of Thoddoo, as well as what you can eat for relatively little money.


It is the most common fruit on the island. Coconuts grow not only on the plantations of local residents, but just like that. After all, palm trees are scattered all over the island. It is worth noting that upon arrival at the Relax Residence, a coconut will be a welcome drink.

Buying them and making such cocktails yourself is not very convenient. The easiest way to order them is either at the hotel or at one of Thoddoo’s restaurants.


Oddly enough, but this berry (but if the article is about fruits, then we cannot but include watermelon in it) cannot be found in stores. It is not often sold on the island, but you can always get a few slices of watermelon for breakfast or in a restaurant. Overeating “water melon” will not work.


A lot of plantations from local residents are sharpened specifically for growing pineapples. The taste of this fruit, in comparison with the varieties imported to Russia, is completely different from the local one. Here you will feel all the juiciness of the pineapple. Be prepared that the corners of your mouth will burn as much as possible from the juice of this fruit. After all, it will be very difficult to stop you from eating this fruit in large quantities.

Passion fruit, mango

Fans of these fruits, which are expensive by Russian standards, will be very pleased with the local price policy for them. The cheapest and most delicious mango and passion fruit will be waiting for you at every breakfast at the Relax Residence. Shops on Thoddoo also sell this fruit for free. So “if you want to swim, but if you want to drink!”.

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