Maldives is the travel destination every tourist wants to choose. But everyone has a stereotype in their heads that this is a very expensive vacation and is available only to the elite. But if you search well, you can find quite good options that can afford you. One of these is a trip to the island of Todd.

Of course, among the 1000 Maldives, it is difficult to know initially which island deserves a tourist visit, and even it is affordable. Therefore, we will tell you about all the delights of relaxation in this paradise, which is accessible to almost every tourist. And before that, choose a hotel on the island of Thoddoo so that you have booked accommodation for your vacation. We recommend the Relax Residence.

Weather on the island

Naturally, such months as December, January, February, March are considered the best time for rest in this resort. At this time, Toddu was in perfect weather to relax on the ocean under the sun. Also at this time you will not find rainy weather, and some microscopic precipitation will occur only at night.

But be careful when swimming and sunbathing. Here you can burn out very quickly during the day if you do not use a protective cream and closed clothing.

What to do on Thoddoo?

The island is large enough in comparison with other options, but not very rich in entertainment. Among them, you can find or can arrange for you the following:

  • romantic dinner for two by the ocean by candlelight. For example, the Relax Residense hotel makes a beautiful beach setting, prepares delicious food for you and brings you / takes you from a romantic dinner;
  • swimming with manti. These ramps are very popular in the Maldives, so even on Todd there are 2 diving clubs that can arrange for you to dive to these unique creatures;
  • riding bicycles. Relax Residence offers good bikes at an affordable price;
  • visiting restaurants. On the island you can find several interesting restaurants where you can try exclusive local food;
  • fishing trip. If you want to see how fish are caught in the open ocean, then you will be very interested in this adventure;
  • Departure to a private beach. Around any island in the Maldives, you can find pieces of land that have almost completely gone under water. They can take you to such a place, where you can stay completely alone for several hours and devote time to each other.

Also at Thoddoo, any tourist will be interested in how the life of local residents goes. You can visit local shops, see how they work on the plantations, and just chat with the local population. The sensations will be unforgettable.