Planning an independent trip to the Maldives can bring you to the island of Thoddoo. And it’s good that you chose this very paradise place. Among the variety of islands in this country, Toddu can be distinguished by the following pleasant moments for a budget tourist:

  • the closest possible location of the island to the airport in Male. At the same time, you will not swim in the loosening water that accumulates off the coast of Male itself. The island is far enough away for you to take photos in the Bounty style;
  • small area of ​​the island, which gives the feeling of your only presence, as on the islands “1 island + 1 hotel”;
  • the availability of good and budget hotels on the island;
  • minimum transfer price to the island.

Toddu is the island you want to visit again if you love a relaxing beach holiday.

Arrival options on the island itself

All tourists who decide to visit the Maldives are at the airport in Male. It is from here that the start of the transfer to Thoddoo begins for you. Of course, no hotel on the island can offer you an individual transfer option, because these are really budget Maldives. But do not worry, because the transfer to the island is as simple as possible.

The best way for tourists is a speed boat

High-speed boats in the Maldives are like a regular fixed-route taxi for any city dweller. Such a boat goes to Toddu island directly from the airport (you do not need to go anywhere). She departs from the pier at 16:00 and travels to Todd in just 1 hour 15 minutes. Overcoming 60 kilometers in such a short time is really fast. But do not forget that on Fridays such boats do not sail. Such a transfer costs $ 35 per person. Perhaps someone will think that it is expensive, but you do not know how much it costs to transfer on a seaplane to a remote island or how much time you will have to spend on a transfer on other floating vehicles. The names of the Nasru speed or Ramzu boats, and where they depart you can find out at the counters at the airport.

We hasten to notice that on the same boat you can return back to the airport. She also goes from Thoddoo every day, except Friday, but leaves at 7 in the morning so that everyone can catch the necessary flights.

Fruit (night) ferry – expensive and cheerful

If you want maximum savings and you do not mind your efforts and time, then this option will be ideal for you. A long night trip at the price of $ 10 will be for the joy of the most economical traveler. But with this type of transport is not so simple. He goes from Male only on Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays, leaving at 23:45 local time.

Of course, on the same ferry you can leave from Thoddoo to Male. Here the price will remain unchanged, but the schedule will change: Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, also at 23:45 local time.

Other travel options to Thoddoo

Of course, you can always get to the island by city ferry network or by private boat. Private transfer is very, very expensive, and city ferries are as difficult as possible, so we recommend using only 2 of these types of transfers.