Shops on Thoddoo Island

Going on vacation to an isolated island, everyone will think about where they can buy some essentials or even simple drinking water. Therefore, information about shops on Thoddoo will be useful to every tourist who plans to go there.

Grocery stores

Near the Relax Residence hotel (literally 1 minute walk from the door of the guest house) there is a small shop with daily consumption goods:

  • water;
  • fruits;
  • ice cream;
  • the juice;
  • snacks and so on.

Those. all this you will have the opportunity to buy very close. If you need something more exotic, then you should go to the largest grocery store on the island – Moo Ces Mart.

This store has a set of any standard local (for Russia) supermarket. There are even some construction and electrical goods: nails, light bulbs, and so on. Here you can easily buy the food that, in principle, is common for the inhabitants of this island.

The rest of the grocery stores (they are smaller and are unlikely to interest you there) can be found on the map.

By prices. Let’s start with a bottle of water. For it in the amount of 0.5 liters, you will pay 15 rufiyaas, which is about 50-60 rubles. Prices for other products can be compared in approximately the same ratio. There are no exorbitant prices for any separate product groups here.

We also offer you to look at the photo of several more shops on the island.

Elvira Store

Bright Store

Laza Mart

Souvenir and beach shops

If you forgot some flip flops at home or if you need a special long-sleeve swimming T-shirt from the scorching sun, then you can easily buy all this on the island of Thoddoo.

Souvenir Ufaa store will be in the minimum proximity to Relax Residence. In general, throughout the island, a similar shop from a shop is practically no different. Therefore, why waste energy on choosing when you can make a purchase near your place of residence.

The question of buying alcohol in a store

Most likely, many tkrists clarify information about stores on the island of Thoddoo in order to close the issue of buying alcohol for themselves. We’ll answer right away – you won’t be able to find alcoholic drinks in any store. We wrote more about this issue in one of the articles on the site – here.

Shop opening hours

An interesting fact is that stores do not work according to our usual schedule from and to some time. Their opening hours are interesting. By the way, the schedule of work can be found on the information stands, which are located throughout the island.

Perhaps you will be interested

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