Thoddoo beaches: a key plus of the island

To date, there are 2 tourist beaches on Thoddoo (although it is strange to say so, because almost the entire coastline of the island is one continuous beach):

  • Bikini Beach (relatively new beach);
  • Old tourist beach.

Let’s take a closer look at each beach so that you understand what beauty will await you on the island.

Old tourist beach

The hallmark of this beach is the swing, which is located directly in the Indian Ocean. It turns out that it is on this beach that you can take those coolest photos from the island of Thoddoo that are walking on the Internet. Let’s go over the pros of this beach:

  • the beach is cleaned daily from debris from tourists and sticks, branches, etc.;
  • the beach is not crowded, because. is not currently in great demand among tourists;
  • the presence of an interesting and free photo zone on a swing;
  • the most calm water.

The disadvantages of the old tourist beach include:

  • rocky bottom of the entrance to the water;
  • the greatest distance from the places of residence of tourists.

If you are relaxing on Thoddoo, we recommend that you visit this beach as well. With a limited existence on the island, a change of beach setting will benefit your holiday. But of course, the old beach is old, because. is no longer popular with tourists and is not being developed so much by local owners of guesthouses.

Bikini Beach (new tourist beach)

The new tourist beach is the most popular among tourists. By the way, the closest guest house to this beach is our Relax Residence – 5 minutes walk and you are already swimming in the Indian Ocean.

Let’s deal with the advantages of Bikini Beach Thoddoo:

  • sandy entrance to the water (the most pleasant and safe for families with children, for example);
  • the presence of sunbeds and hammocks throughout the beach area (all this is provided free of charge, but you need to have time to take a “place in the sun”;
  • the presence of a reef close to the shore, which makes it possible to simply snorkel;
  • a picturesque path to the beach (a beautiful photo zone was made in front of the entrance to the beach).

If we talk about the minuses of this beach, then there are none. Here you can find a shady shelter so as not to burn out in the scorching sun. There are toilets and showers on the beach. All conditions are created for the best rest of tourists.

Such an information board is waiting for all tourists on the “bikini beach”. We are waiting for you on the island of Thoddoo at Relax Residence.

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