Thoddoo or other nearby atolls Maafushi, Ukulhas, Rasdhoo

If you decide to visit the Maldives and do not have a big budget to check into a luxury hotel, then you should consider your trip to Thoddoo Island. You ask why not Maafushi, Ukulhas, Rasdhoo or any other atoll closest to Male? We will answer clearly – a holiday on the island of Thoddoo is a real budget fairy tale of the Maldives. Among the other advantages of spending a vacation on Thoddoo are:

  • the nearest location relative to the airport of arrival in the capital Male. By speedboat, you can reach Thoddoo in just an hour and a half. This is the most convenient, because. sailing somewhere far after an 8-9 hour flight is very difficult;
  • the small size of the island. This means that on the territory of Thoddoo there is a small local population that will not interfere with your vacation. The beaches are free, moving around the island without “extra eyes” and so on is a serious advantage;
  • low cost of accommodation. In our guest house, which can rightfully be considered the best on the island, you can stay for a week or more and it will not hit your budget trip to a fairy tale much;
  • the presence of an interesting reef on the tourist beach. Snorkeling in the Indian Ocean is the best time you can spend on the island’s beach;
  • the presence of several restaurants and shops with the right trifle for every tourist. On the less developed islands, you will not be able to find shops with goods familiar to you, so Thoddoo has the most comfortable conditions in this regard;
  • having your own RUSSIAN-SPEAKING diving club! If you went to the Maldives for the first diving in your life, then Thoddoo has prepared all the conditions for this for you. Your first impressions of swimming with manta rays will be mind-blowing.

You can list the advantages of Thoddoo in comparison with other islands of the Maldives for a long time. Of course, the final choice is yours! Relax Residence Hotel will do everything to make Thoddoo island for you that Maldivian fairy tale that we all create in our minds when we first see photos from the Maldives.

Happy photos of tourists on the island

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