You must immediately understand that the Maldives is far from an excursion destination. In general, there is nothing to look at, here you need to enjoy the white sand, warm water and a favorable climate. But when you go to rest, you will probably think about any entertainment for yourself and your loved ones. Usually these are excursions. In the Maldives, this can be called a vacation from the beach. Each island has some interesting activities of its own. In the article we will try to talk about all the possible options for an interesting pastime on the island of Thoddoo.

What to do on Thoddoo

The largest list of any “excursion” programs is in the Relax Residence Hotel, Thoddo, Maldives. This is a four star hotel where you will be offered truly interesting entertainment.

Night fishing

Local people go fishing only at night, because in the afternoon do not catch anything. If you like such entertainment, then you should go on such fishing. The main thing is to specify on which boat you will go to the ocean and you can look forward to departure. By the way, everything that you catch will be specially prepared for you for dinner. And the fish here is incredibly tasty.

Manti swimming

Mantas are huge slopes. Finding them is not so easy, so you should go on such an excursion only with professionals. If you are lucky and you see them, then this spectacle you will not forget for a long time.

It is worth noting that only in Relax Residence you will get a part of the money back if you cannot catch mantas for this night outing (yes, you also have to swim at night).

Drive to a private beach

The Maldives is a scattering of more than 1000 islands, not all of which are inhabited. On the territory of this state there are tiny islands that have not yet completely gone under water. On such can be a lonely palm tree and everything – around the ocean. You will be taken to such a beach either in the morning or in the afternoon, so that the hot sun does not burn you. If you want to make cool Bounty style photos, then this tour is for you.

Bicycles for hire

On the Internet there are a lot of reviews that earlier in Relax Residence bicycles were free. These reviews date back to 2017-2018. Then it was. Now the daily rental of one bike costs $ 5. If you come with a child, then one day is enough for you to travel the whole island and see it not only from the tourist beach. In general, there are interesting locations: football fields with spotlights (yes, it’s hot to play during the day), remote restaurants, souvenir shops, and so on.

Shark diving

All diving services are provided by specialized organizations, which are on island 2. They have 2 offices and one is literally 50 meters from the entrance to the Relax Residence. These services have their own price list, which can be specified on the specialized websites of these companies.