Weather on Thoddoo: what to expect from your vacation

If you are going to the Maldives, you should know that the season in this direction is winter. December, January and February are the best months for a comfortable stay in the island nation of the Maldives. And Thoddoo is no exception.

Thoddoo weather in winter

In the winter season, the weather on the island can be described by the following theses:

  • the average daily temperature is about 25-26 degrees, which is a very comfortable indicator for residents of any part of Russia;
  • the peak temperature during the day at 12:00 o’clock can reach about 35 degrees in the scorching sun. Even in winter, being in the sun for a long time during the day is dangerous (but in other seasons in the scorching sun it is even more dangerous);
  • in the evening and at night the island is not stuffy and in general it can be said to be comfortable. In our guesthouse, each room is equipped with air conditioning, but at night it should be turned on to a minimum. temperature allows.
  • there is no question of any rain or cloudy weather. The sky is completely clear almost every day, only sometimes you can observe the moments that the sun is hiding behind the clouds.

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