All about Thoddoo - An adorable place for holidays

Thoddoo is a single, famous, oval island about 20km from the northern edge of the main atoll. It is well-known and admired place of tourist as of having wide bikini beach. All of its beaches are well-maintained and marked by small fences. Moreover, this destination is not limited with a few types of corals and fish species.

Thoddoo is also famous for its fertile soil and is the largest producer of watermelons in the country. It has a population of around 1400 only and most of its people are fishermen. The first thing that tourist catches while there are huge bunches of trees and green plants and white sand as well. Despite this, Thoddoo is well-appreciated for its famous troupe of traditional dancers who performs in near resorts.

Being crowned by the thick bushes and massive natural beauty, Thoddoo has titled as a place like heaven. The path that reaches the tourist to the bikini beaches is surrounded by numerous eye-grabbing trees, plants, and bushes. The sand beaches itself is fine, no glass or dead coral on it, therefore, visitors can walk there uninterruptedly. Moreover, the water crowned on beached are clean enough and free of litter as well.

Tourist beach is another place for visitors to refresh its fatigue as the way of going there experiences the plantation of the different fruits. The best way to pass this area is with riding the bicycle that will be provided by almost every guest house.

Thoddoo is believed to be a place from the ancient time as Buddhist temple located there contained a Romain coin minted in 90 BC. Despite it, a silver bowl and a fine stone statue of Buddha is a proof. In brief, Thoddoo is a witness of a traditional Maldivian village life.

Where to live while in the romance area of Maldive’s Islands city- Thoddoo?

Thoodoo- being famous for having abundant guest houses- Relax Residence Thoddoo is a great place offers a most conducive spot for visitors to take off their fatigue. The hotel is located at the most convenient location as the visitors can get all the facilities within a few km. The Relax Residence Thoddoo has almost all facility that will enrich the visitors stay in Maldives Islands. Being titled as the best place to live in Thoodoo, it has abundance facilities, let’s have a look:

  • Family room
  • Babysitting service
  • Children’s playground
  • Bicycle facility
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Gift / Souvenir Shop
  • Private Beach
  • Concierge
  • Restaurants
  • Garden
  • Airport transfer
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smoking area
  • 24-hour security
  • Laundry & Shuttle service
  • BBQ facilities
  • Dive school
  • Grocery delivery
  • Badminton Courts
  • Satellite/cable channels
  • Facilities for disabled guests
  • Watersport equipment rentals
  • Special diet meals
  • Restaurant services with wine
  • Lockers
  • Front desk services
  • Free parking space
  • Breakfast in the room and packed lunches
  • Water sports facilities
  • Salon, and much more surprises

Getting around

The Relax Residence Thoddoo is located in the local island of Thoddoo where the Government regulations imposed a few rules and regulations. One of them which is significant to share is guests are not allowed to wear bikini or swimwear while in the guesthouses. However, Relax Residence Thoddoo has arranged excursions to picnic islands for visitors where they are free to wear what they want. Moreover, to reach Relax Residence Thoddoo, the visitors can use a Speedboat, public ferryboat, chartered speedboat or seaplane can be arranged by the hotel.

In brief, stay at Relax Residence Thoddoo while in Thoddoo will become itself a memorable journey for the visitors as they can get everything within a short while.

When we think about a holiday in the Maldives, a picture of stunning beaches, crystal clear lagoons, lush tropical islands, clear blue sky and mind-blowing dive sites appear in our mind.

Interestingly, Maldives is composed of 1190 coral islands, every island is encircled by a unique coral reef and striking lagoons but the beauty of the island of Thoddoo is unparalleled. It is of the best places to be visited here. Plan your next holiday to the gorgeous, picturesque and welcoming the Island of THoddoo, it is an ideal of all the islands of Maldives.

It is prudent to plan your holiday in advanced-

Play smart and book your accommodation and tickets in advance to avoid the last minute hurdle. If you don’t wish to miss anything that the Thoddoo offers, plan your budget and do some research on the resort where you will be staying.

Tremendous things you can enjoy in the Maldives-

This island is on the high radar of tourists and vagabonds of the world who come here to relax and relish under the magnificent sunlight of THoddoo. You can plan your holiday here with your girlfriend to propose to her. There is the air of love in the air of Thoddoo.

Your wife and your kids would love to spend time on the magnificent beach area, where the winds bring the freshness of ocean with it and the crystal clear sea touches the beautiful white sands. Your family time will on the enticing sandbanks turn immortal.

You can take part in diving spots with your batter half. Gift a good time for your kids. Behold sunsets with them while being surrounded by manta rays and uniquely glamorous turtles here.

Scuba diving is one of the trendy activities here and the most excellent way to experience it is by a liveaboard safari. Mingle in the beauty of the sea and feel like a sea creature. On this safari, you meet giant whale sharks, parrotfish, and snappers. You encounter beautiful turtles and triggerfish and much more beautiful sea creatures. If you have never dived before you can learn here. You experience surfing, snorkeling, dolphin watching here and other water sports will be the tremendous experience to remember for eternity.

Mouthwatering Food in Thoddoo-

While you are in Thoddoo, why not try the delicious Maldivian cuisine. You will have entirely different experience of foods which involve coconut, curry and many exotic spices. You can have cuisines from Continental, Middle Eastern, Thai, Indian, and Oriental.

Visit Thoddo and feel you never felt before. The holiday here is a gateway to eternal happiness. Your stay on this island permits you to experience the culture of Maldives. Gather beautiful travel memories here.

Transfer Details

How to reach by speedboat

  • Speedboat: Every day except Friday
  • TIME: 16:00
  • Journey time: 1hr 15min
  • Speedboat name: Nasru speed or Ramzu
  • Direct from airport.
  • Price: $35 per person
    Thoddoo to male same price, departure from thoddoo at 7 AM, directly to airport

How to reach by night ferry (fruit ferry)

  • Price: $10 per person

—Male to Thoddoo (11:45pm)

  • Friday
  • Sunday
  • Tuesday

—Thoddoo to male (11:45pm)

  • Saturday
  • Monday
  • Wednesday

How to Reach by mtcc Route-303

Aa. Thoddoo – K. Male’
Sunday, Wednesday
Departure time Origin Destination Arrival Time
6:30 Thoddoo Rasdhu 7:45
7:50 Rasdhu Ukulhas 8:55
9:45 Ukulhas Rasdhu 10:40
11:00 Rasdhu Rasdhu 14:30
K. Male’ – Aa. Thoddoo
Monday Tuesday
Departure time Origin Destination Arrival Time
9:00 Male’ Rasdhu 12:30
12:35 Rasdhoo Ukulhas 13:30
14:00 Ukulhas Rasdhu 14:55
15:10 Rasdhoo Thoddoo 16:25
Aa. Thoddoo – Aa. Rasdhu
Saturday, Tuesday
Departure time Origin Destination Arrival Time
6:30 Thoddoo Rasdhu 7:45
15:10 Rasdhu Thoddoo 16:25

Fishing & BBQ

Once done with Manta Snorkeling, the succeeding destination will be Fishing in which, sunset fishing will get experience. It will include reef fishing and visitors can catch any size of reef fish.

While experiencing fishing, you will serve BBQ which includes pieces of beef, fowl, fish, or the like, roasted over an open hearth. This experience will turn you on another level of enjoyment.

Boat Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a way where anyone can get underwater experience. It is an inexpensive and famous way as well to explore the inner phase of beaches. Being a safer way, all ages are welcome to take part. Even the non-swimmer or beginner can do it by wearing a snorkeling vest.

Moreover, we offer this boat snorkeling tour as well where we will take breaks in the most beautiful places in Almyrida Chania, blue crystal waters, reefs, underwater and land caves and even to see the entrance to the famous Elephant Cave of Crete. All this experience you the most beautiful places in the world.

Resort View

Visit resort trip. See the resort for the lot cheaper. This is a day visit trip. This is the Thoddoo’s famous place showing the underwater beauty of vibrant reef fish, pristine corals, and attractive pelagic creatures. We offer Resort trip to a selection of great snorkelling sites, subject to weather and sea conditions. Moreover, Resort trip is guided by our excursion guider therefore, this trip takes a positive turn always.

The fact is that this sight of Thoddoo most of the time includes specific marine species such as Turtles, Eagle rays or Mantas, so it will be better to visit there under the supervision of experts.

To get more info about our Thoddoo excursion, you can email us or contact over the phone.

Sea life/Fishes

We wish to enjoy you to the fullest. For this, we offer sea life as well where you will get the experience of fishing industries of Maldives. There, you can undertake an adventure into the grand sea filled with abundant fishes. This will turn you know about them the way of the Maldivian customs related to fishing.

Picnic Island

Picnic Island or Sandbank will also be the destination of your Thoddoo trip. It is the very uninhabited island.  It is a landform including of a sandbar in water, which creates a shallow area which may pose a hazard to watercraft. It is titled as the rest spot for visitors as it offers them enjoyment like a private beach. In brief, at Picnic Island, you will get the massive experience of pristine water lagoons, white powdery beaches, sunny skies together with its crystal clear water.

Romantic Dinner

After having explored the beauty of Thoddoo, sunset dinner will offer to the couple near the beauty of water and thick green bushes around with beautiful décor of candles. This romantic dinner will turn the couples glad and memorable.

Dolphin Trip

A must do! In this, you will experience a meet with the dolphins of the Thoddoo seas on a boat. This island is well-appreciated of having massive experience of dolphins and other marine life. In brief, this island in the Maldives is an Eden for dolphin and marine life lovers, as it is very adorable destination to explore as the beautiful dolphins will make your day relax and amazing.

Manta Snorkeling

Early morning, this journey contains Manta Snokeling around 6:15 am. This exceptional experience will continue for 2 hours.

While in Thoddoo, experiencing snorkeling will be a great fun. It is well-appreciated because of having a great number of manta rays in the Maldives. Despite it, abundant encounters of marine life such as Lionfish, Sea turtles, Sea Urchins, and more will invite at the time of manta snorkeling. Our guests get an opportunity to meet Mantas face to face and swim with them in the open ocean. All these factors turn Thoddoo the best diving spot in the Maldives.

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