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About Thoddoo

Thoddoo is a single, famous, oval island about 20km from the northern edge of the main atoll. It is well-known and admired place of tourist as of having wide bikini beach. All of its beaches are well-maintained and marked by small fences. Moreover, this destination is not limited with a few types of corals and fish species.

Getting around

The Relax Residence Thoddoo is located in the local island of Thoddoo where the Government regulations imposed a few rules and regulations. One of them which is significant to share is guests are not allowed to wear bikini or swimwear while in the guesthouses. However, Relax Residence Thoddoo has arranged excursions to picnic islands for visitors where they are free to wear what they want. Moreover, to reach Relax Residence Thoddoo, the visitors can use a Speedboat, public ferryboat, chartered speedboat or seaplane can be arranged by the hotel.

Transfer Details

Transfer Details on Thoddoo island Maldives include various options for travelers to reach the island, such as speedboat transfers from Male International Airport or nearby islands, seaplane transfers, or public ferry services. The transfer time and cost may vary depending on the mode of transportation chosen. It is recommended to book transfers in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Upon arrival, guests can easily reach their accommodation or dining destinations by walking or renting a bicycle.


Thoddoo island Maldives offers a range of exciting excursions for travelers, including snorkeling and diving trips to explore the vibrant marine life, fishing excursions to catch fresh seafood, and island hopping tours to nearby islands. Visitors can also enjoy sunset cruises, beach picnics, and cultural tours to experience the local way of life. These excursions can be arranged through hotels or tour operators on the island


Thoddoo island Maldives has several food shops that offer a variety of local and international cuisine. Visitors can find fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and traditional Maldivian dishes such as mas huni and garudhiya. Some shops also sell snacks, drinks, and basic groceries for self-catering travelers. It is recommended to try the local cuisine to experience the authentic flavors of the Maldives.

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