What sharks are found in the Maldives?

The Maldives is an archipelago known for its crystal clear waters, rich underwater life and diverse marine life. Among the inhabitants of local waters, sharks are distinguished – mysterious predators that attract the attention of divers and snorkelers. In this article we will look at what species live in the waters of the Maldives archipelago, and also study their characteristics in order to be on the alert and avoid cases of shark attacks in the Maldives.

Reef sharks

Gray reef shark swimming in coastal waters

There are many species of reef sharks found in the Maldives. Here are some of them:

  • The white shark is one of the most common species in the Maldives. These sharks are usually found along outer reefs where they hunt for fish.
  • The gray reef shark is another common species often found in the Maldives. They usually live in coastal waters and can often be seen swimming along the steep slopes of reefs.
  • The reef barracuda shark is characterized by its unique elongated head fin. These sharks also live near reefs and are often seen in large schools.

Pelagic sharks

Hammerhead shark swimming in the Indian Ocean

In addition to reef sharks, pelagic sharks – those that prefer open waters – also live around the Maldives.

  • Pilot Shark – these majestic predators can be found both near reefs and in the open seas. They are known for their outstanding hunting abilities.
  • The hammerhead shark is characterized by its unique hammer-shaped head fin. Found in open waters, sometimes swimming to the shores of the Maldives.

Comparison of shark species in the Maldives

Type of sharkHabitatPeculiarities
White sharkAlong the outer reefsCan reach lengths up to 3.5 m
Gray reef sharkCoastal watersCharacterized by dark stripes on the sides
Reef barracuda sharkNear reefsHas an elongated head shape and eyes at the ends of the fins
Shark pilotReefs, open watersHas pronounced vertical stripes on the body
Hammerhead sharkOpen waters, shoresCharacterized by a unique head fin

Sharks are an integral part of the underwater world of the Maldives archipelago. Their diversity is amazing, and encounters with them become an unforgettable experience for divers and lovers of sea adventures. Knowing about the different species of sharks, their characteristics and habitats will help maintain balance in this amazing ecosystem and promote more informed interactions with these amazing predators.

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