Sharks on Thoddoo: is it dangerous to swim / dive on the atoll

There are only a couple of places around Thoddoo Island where predatory fish – sharks – can swim. These places are immediately marked on the map, which meets all tourists on the island. It is located in the port of the island, if this pier can be called that.

On any of Thoddoo’s beaches, you will not see any restrictive buoys or signs that would warn tourists of the danger from sharks. Why is it not? Because there is no danger for vacationers on the beach. Sharks don’t swim that close to shore. You have nothing to worry about.

But, if you decide to go diving on Thoddoo, then you have some chance of falling under the shark “influx”. But the locals are not suicidal and have long learned the behavior of local sharks. Therefore, any diving takes place in the safest possible places. So before going to the island, we recommend that you put aside any fears about sharks on Thoddoo.

Diving with sharks

Approximately 50% of people expressed an absolute fear of sharks. One of the main reasons is the myths about sharks.
Sharks are unsurpassed predators. Sharks are cannibals and bloodthirsty creatures.

Both of these myths about sharks are false. They can be top predators in their marine ecosystem. In nature, they do not prey on humans, and in most cases, shark attacks are due to poor water visibility and curiosity, not predatory intent.

We organize shark snorkeling on Thoddoo where we and guests explore some of the famous reef shark areas. As part of such diving, the chance to see sharks is 80%.

It’s safe?

Naturally. The more we learned about sharks, the more we realized how friendly they are. Any diving with our instructors is completely safe for guests.

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