If you have started planning your vacation in the Maldives, then of course it is worth getting attached to the seasonal features of relaxation in this sunny state. Therefore, be sure to read our article to the end to know when is the best time to go to “paradise”.


The best time for a vacation in the Maldives is from December to March. At this time, there is the most optimal climate for a tourist from anywhere in the world. To organize such a trip, you will need to buy the cheapest plane tickets to Male, decide on the settlement island (we recommend the budget Todduu island), book a hotel (the Relex Residence hotel is the best option on Toddu), figure out the options for transferring to the desired island from Male and everything – your trip is planned.

But what does “season” or “comfortable climate” mean? At this time of the year, the Maldives will have up to 30 degrees of heat, which will be enough for lovers of warm countries. Even this weather won’t spare your skin, so don’t forget to buy sunscreen. What if you come in the summer? The sun will incinerate you and you will only sunbathe under the palm trees.

In general, in winter, the maritime climate of any island in the Maldives is quite mild and will only contribute to a good vacation here.

Not a season

Summer, autumn, spring – the Maldives are very hot. There is no “rainy season” or any other natural disasters. The off-season is the time when it is very hot in the island state and the weather does not greatly contribute to a relaxing vacation.

But for those who like to have a rest for little money, there is good news. Tickets and hotel reservations, even Relax Residence, become much cheaper at this time of the year. You can visit the Maldives for a ridiculous price, but you are unlikely to get serious pleasure from such a vacation.

What else can prevent a wonderful vacation in the Maldives?

The weather in the island nation is always good. Even if you get caught in the rain, here it is usually short-term (maximum one day of downpour), but quite strong. Do not worry about this, because no one will be able to insure against this, with any money.

Any tourist needs to visit these islands, since you will not see such nature and such a sea in any other corner of the world. The choice of an island, a hotel and a vacation format is secondary. Just be sure to add a visit to the Maldives into your travel calendar.

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