How much does an island in the Maldives cost?

The Maldives is a place that is associated with luxury, impeccable service and endless beaches, which are a dream for many tourists and lovers of exotic adventures. However, in addition to the question of the cost of a trip to the Maldives, some wealthy travelers are wondering about purchasing an entire paradise island. The Maldives also provides this opportunity. In this article we will look at the cost of purchasing an island in the Maldives and evaluate it in rubles.

Factors influencing the cost of an island in the Maldives

Large island in the Maldives surrounded by the blue Indian Ocean

Before considering specific prices, it is necessary to understand what affects the cost of the island:

Location: Proximity to major tourist areas can significantly increase the value of the island.

Size and amenities: Larger islands with developed infrastructure such as villas, restaurants, etc. will cost more.

Exclusivity: Special natural features or unique history can increase value.

Approximate prices of islands in the Maldives in rubles

Island typeCost in rubles
Small uninhabited islandFrom several million to several tens of millions
Island with luxury resortTens and hundreds of millions
Exclusive Private IslandFrom several hundred million to billions

The exact price can only be determined through consultation with real estate agencies or island sellers in the Maldives. Additionally, there are additional costs to consider, such as taxes, legal fees, and island maintenance, which may increase the overall cost of the purchase.

Opportunities for purchasing an island in the Maldives in rubles

Beach with palm trees on one of the Maldives islands washed by the Indian Ocean
  • Financing: For many, purchasing an island in the Maldives may seem financially out of reach. However, some may consider financing options such as loans or investments.
  • Partnership: Another option is to purchase the island in partnership with others, which allows you to distribute the financial burden.
  • Renting: Some islands can be rented for a specific period of time, which can be a more affordable option than buying. In this case, prices can vary from several thousand dollars per day to several hundred thousand dollars per week.

Thus, the price of an island in the Maldives can vary significantly depending on its location, size, amenities and exclusivity. For many people, this remains a dream, unattainable in reality due to the high cost. However, for some, this can become a reality due to financial opportunities and purchasing options. Regardless of whether this dream is realized, the Maldives remains one of the most attractive places to buy real estate in paradise on earth.

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