Where to stay in Maldives: which island is best?

Maldives attract many tourists every year. Many world famous actors, singers, artists and other stars of the world show business have already visited these paradise islands and they think they know which island to stay in Maldives. Many girls dream of spending their honeymoon there, and many men want to emphasize their wealth and status by visiting this resort place with incredible landscapes.

If you also dream of spending an unforgettable vacation in the Maldives but want to choose a budget vacation, then there are several islands for this. This is the same incredible nature with white sand, clear water of the Indian Ocean, tall palm trees, and a cocktail of full exotic, warmth, happiness and sun. Many people look for a tour and read about which island is best. But there are many islands there – some of them are popular and well advertised for the covers of world magazines, the other part is no less amazing, but less popular. There are also restaurants, bars, swimming pools, diving centers, Wi-Fi, many luxury hotels and excellent quality of service. But a vacation here will be much cheaper and accessible to almost everyone who wants to discover the magic and paradise atmosphere of the Maldives.

If you still do not know where to stay in Maldives then choose Thoddoo Island. It will be your dream vacation and you will not want to return home. This island is located near Malé (the capital of the Maldives) and its infrastructure is well developed. Here you will find all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life during your vacation. Thoddoo has a small area so you will get a vacation almost on a private island. Look at the photos and it will become your dream.

Relax Residence – best your choise

Relax residence is the best hotel on the island which offers customers not only first-class service but also affordable prices. This place will be a real paradise for you. Enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean from your window, try different exotic dishes and drinks, take a walk along the white sand and plunge into the warm clean water. The hotel has 14 luxurious rooms with air conditioning, furniture, free Wi-Fi, housekeeping and other amenities. On the territory, you can choose any water sport, find a barbecue and smoking area, relax on a private beach or have a meal in the restaurant (also diet dishes).

You need not only to dream – despite all the advantages of Thoddoo, you can book a luxury hotel there for a budget but a very luxurious vacation. Many celebrities will envy your choice if you spend your vacation in the best place on the island – Relax residence.

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